Milline arvutikasutaja sa oled?

Arvuteid ja lisaseadmeid on tänapäeval keeruline valida. Kas valida hinna alusel või eelistada korralikku brändi? Dell, kui vaieldamatu premium brand pakub Eestis täisvalikut arvuteid, tööjaamu ja lisaseadmeid. Kui suudad ennast kasutajana defineerida, siis suudame meie pakkuda just sulle sobivaid töövahendeid.
Vaata, millisesse arvutikasutaja gruppi sa kõige paremini sobitud, ning küsi meilt pakkumist, et saaksime koos leida Sulle vajalikud seadmed ja lahendused.


Solutions for the way people work

Through Dell research, we have identified and defined 7 unique workstyles or personas – and created solutions specifically designed to suit each persona’s productivity needs.

Better together: Dell offers a comprehensive suite of compute devices, plus a range of accessories, services and software tailored to each end-user workstyle – to encourage and enable optimal productivity and employee satisfaction.

Does your work take on several personas through the day? Our solutions deliver the right product at the right time, whichever hat you’re wearing.

Desk-centric worker

The Desk Centric employee works at their own desk in the office more than 50% of the time.

Work: Admin, Helpdesk, Data Heavy

Needs: Efficient use of often limited space, large or dual monitors


  • OptiPlex AIO, OptiPlex Micro with Intel® Unite™
  • Latitude, Dell Displays and peripherals
  • Cloud Client Computing

Remote worker

The Remote User works at least 30 hours a week outside of company buildings from home or other locations.

Work: Sales, Event workers, Consultants

Needs: Connectivity to office resources. Access to data via cloud or VPN, self-sufficiency


  • Latitude or OptiPlex 3000, 5000 Series
  • Dell Displays, Dell dock and headset
  • Dell Data Security and VPN

Corridor Warrior

The Corridor Warrior works away from their desk more than 50% of the time, going from meeting to meeting and/or working from multiple locations.

Work: Managers, Execs, Marketing, IT, Healthcare

Needs: Transition from desk to meeting,  information sharing, connectivity


  • Latitude or OptiPlex 5000, 7000 Series
  • Flexible docking, dual displays, adapters
  • OptiPlex Micro with Intel® Unite™

On-the-go pro

The On-the-Go Pro works away from the office more than 50% of the time, travelling and at off-site meetings.

Work: Executives, Sales Professionals

Needs: Convenient, lightweight portable devices, connectivity and power on-the-go


  • Latitude 7000 2-in-1 + active pen
  • Multi-functional adapters / power


Creative Professionals require precise technology and power for high definition content creation.

Work: 3D Modeling, Animation, Editing

Needs: Power for dense data computation and real-time work, visual fidelity and true color.


  • Precision Workstations
  • Dell Canvas + peripherals
  • Dell UltraSharp Monitors


Engineers demand powerful devices to run data-intensive applications with mission-critical reliability.

Work: Architects, R&D, Programmers

Needs: Processor-intensive activities (analytics, simulation), ISV applications (CAD/CAE), Create and design, VR


  • Precision Workstations
  • Dell UltraSharp Monitors and Dock
  • 3D, AR/VR devices

Field Worker

Field Workers rely on durable technology built for extreme conditions.

Work: Government, Field, Scientific

Needs: Withstand hazards (accidental drops, water/dust, extreme temperatures and vibration) to perform tasks anywhere


  • Latitude Rugged Tablet
  • Rugged docking/mounts
  • Portable battery charging and accessories