Introducing 3rd Party Software Support with ProSupport Plus Services agreement

A new feature, 3rd Party Software Support, is now included with Dell EMC customers ProSupport Plus for Enterprise support agreement. 

With 3rd Party Software Support, we will support any eligible software installed on your customers Dell EMC system, and the best part is, we will support it whether you purchased the software from us or not.  Not only will we diagnose the issue, we will own the issue through resolution. This includes software titles from Microsoft®, Red Hat® and VMware®.
The bottom-line is this: Whether your customer purchased the software from Dell EMC or they already have the software and want to use it on Dell EMC technology, with ProSupport Plus for Enterprise, if they have a support issue, they just call Dell EMC. We streamline support through our technology experts who own their support case from first call to resolution.

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