Dell EMC PowerProtect scalable data protection rockstar

Dell EMC PowerProtect scalable data protection rockstar designed to simplify operations with new high-performance software-defined architecture.

What exciting is happening in data protection world? Turns out that customer challenges in data protection are as serious as in all areas of IT infrastructure. Enterprise Storage Group (ESG) has found out that:

  • 66% of surveyed customers consider their IT environment significantly more complex today than it was two years ago.
  • Concurrently, 57% of organizations state their tolerance for high-priority application downtime is less than 15 minutes or 15 minutes to less than one hour.

What this means? In short - companies are wrestling with complexity, and not exactly winning.


Dell EMC PowerProtect platform is the new and rocking multi-dimensional appliance designed to simplify data protection while providing new high-performance software-defined architecture. With Built-in deduplication for data protection, replication and reuse, it scales capacity with performance, both on-premise and to multi-cloud for long-term retention. Simple protection workflows minimize daily operations and intuitive UI with machine learning helps with management analytics.

PowerProtect Overview | Video:


Key features:

  • Powerful: architecture is designed to eliminate the typical performance bottlenecks in data protection environments. Current version supports full VM, instant access, file level, Oracle, MS-SQL, Windows and Linux filesystems, and VMware backup and recovery workloads with direct protection from application to target.
  • Flexible deployment: as an appliance on Dell EMC PowerEdge technology or as software on standard hardware. 
  • Simple deployment: designed to be easily deployed and managed by customers themselves and requires a skill set similar to a simple server deployment.
  • Greater effeciency: scale-out architecture significantly increases the efficiency, extensibility, and bottom-line value of a consolidated data protection infrastructure.
  • Transparent: integrated SaaS-based management to easily monitor, analyze and troubleshoot your distributed environment from anywhere.
  • Cloud-ready: Multi-cloud capabilities, extenting to efficient cloud environments for long-term retention or Disaster Recovery, able to send data directly to the cloud with no additional hardware.
  • Advanced: machine learning (ML) technology for deduplication optimization, automated load-balancing and intelligent workload placements in single name space.
  • Extreme resilient: double redundancy built in on node and cluster with isolated fault domains.
  • Automated: Automated discovery and onboarding of databases, VMs and Data Domain protection storage.


The PowerProtect X400 architecture is designed to eliminate the typical performance bottlenecks associated with data protection environments at scale. Data is sent directly to the capacity cubes over 10 or 25 gigabit Ethernet connections. This means that backup and recovery data is never routed through the core cube. Also, as cubes are added for scale, so is CPU, memory, networking, and storage capacity. To round things out, the PowerProtect X400 is designed to be easily deployed and managed.

The initial configuration starts with a 2U core cube that hosts the PowerProtect platform and a 2U capacity cube that processes and stores backup data. The PowerProtect X400 incorporates multi-dimensional scale-out architecture that can be expanded by adding capacity cubes in 2U increments or by adding additional capacity within each cube by simply activating a license key. This multi-dimensional concept means that it can be scaled in hybrid or all-flash configurations that enable users to customize their data protection environment to match their backup and recovery SLAs. Hybrid configurations scale from 64 TB to 384 TB of usable capacity. All-flash configurations scale from 64 TB to 448 TB of usable capacity.

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